Antony calls for political settlement of Kashmir issue

Fomrer Defence Minister A. K. Antony speaking at Kesari Journalist TrustFormer Defence Minister A. K. Antony said on Tuesday that the government should initiate dialog for a political settlement of the Kashmir issue.

Releasing a travelogue on Kashmir by journalists from Kerala here, Mr. Antony said that though talks had failed earlier, they should be attempted again. “It is hard to deal with the issue. However, things would go out of control if a settlement is delayed. So, no time should be wasted.”

The Congress leader also urged that the Centre should lead an all-party delegation to Kashmir.

Antony calls for generational change in Congress in Kerala

A. K. AntonySenior Congress leader A. K. Antony called for a generation change in the State unit of the Congress here on Saturday.

Addressing a convention of Congress leaders from local bodies, Mr. Antony said that there should be higher representation for youth in party fora. New leaders should emerge.

CPI (M) woos Kerala Congress (Mani)

Thiruvananthapuram: The CPI (M) has indicated that Kerala Congress (Mani) will not be unwelcome in the LDF.

CPI (M) State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said the other day that there could be issue based cooperation with parties dissociating themselves from the United Democratic Front.

Differences in Kerala Congress (M) over alliance

KCMThiruvananthapuram: Differences have emerged in Kerala Congress (M) about whether the party should go it alone.

Senior leader P. J. Joseph maintained that alliances were inevitable. However, he is not for alliance with BJP.

Party Chairman K. M. Mani reiterated that the decision was stand alone and get strong.


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