White paper proposes doubling of tax growth rate

Cover of White PaperThe White Paper of State Finances, presented to the Assembly on Thursday, says that Kerala will have to ensure a sustained annual growth rate of 20 to 25 per cent in tax collection.

The State will have to gear up its tax machinery for this purpose. There was no escape from this conclusion given the limited range of fiscal choices available to the State.

Assembly to resume sitting on Friday: Budget on July 8

Kerala AssemblyThiruvananthapuram: The Assembly resumes its first session on Friday (June 24) with the Address by Governor P. Sathasivam, and the new government presents its revised Budget for 2016-17 on July 8.

Finance Minister T. M. Thomas Isaac, who is to present the revised Budget, will be dropping all the new proposals in the Budget presented by the previous government while retaining schemes included in the detailed Budget estimates. According to Dr. Isaac, the budgeted schemes could be reviewed by the ministers concerned later.

Union Budget highlights

Union Budget Highlights

Central Budget ignored Kerala's needs totally: Chief Minister

Chief Minister Oommen ChandyChief Minister Oommen Chandy said here on Monday that the Central Budget had totally ignored Kerala’s needs.

As Kerala was going through an agrarian crisis, it had expected assistance from the Centre. However, the Budget belied hopes that Centre would provide Rs. 1000 crore to help the rubber farmers who were facing sharp decline in prices.


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