Chennithala denies he spoke against liquor policy of UDF

Opposition Leader Ramesh ChennithalaThiruvananthapuram: Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala has denied that he had expressed views against closure of bars in the State in an interview to Kalakaumudi weekly recently.

Mr. Chennithala said that he had only said that UDF’s liquor policy had not benefitted the Front in the elections. This did not mean that he was opposed to the liquor policy adopted by the UDF after sufficient consultations and discussions.

The Opposition Leader said that the liquor policy was one of the boldest decisions of the UDF government which had been upheld by the Supreme Court also. The UDF would have come to power if that had influenced the voters favourably. This meant that there was no much connection between the people’s verdict and liquor policy. This was what he had stated in the interview.

Mr. Chennithala said that he was of the view that the Kerala society should be freed of liquor in phases. If the LDF is trying to reopen the closed bars, the UDF would strongly oppose that.