Nikesh explains why he went down the well to check quality of water

M. V. Nikesh KumarCPI (M) candidate in Azhikode M. V. Nikesh Kumar has come out with an explanation as to why he had climbed down a well in his constituency though a bucket and rope was available to draw water.

Though the television-anchor- turned politician has said that he had quit journalism, he has been posting television style videos to the facebook highlighting a problem in his constituency and promising to solve that if he is elected.

It was while doing the programme that Mr. Kumar literally climbed down into a well to declare that the water was salty and he would address the problem. His mistake was that the camera also showed that there was a bucket and rope at the well. Trolls slammed him saying that he should be the first man to get into the well to find out whether the water was salty when a bucket and rope was available.

Mr. Kumar explained the other day that there were complaints that the water was also coloured and he could not see that clearly because the water at that time was under a shade. Mr. Kumar, who grew up in the locality, added that he used to join others in cleaning wells when he was young. So, climbing down a local well was only like going down the steps for him.

However, the video did not show that climbing up the well was no child’s play for him. Someone had to help him out of the well.

Mr. Kumar’s troubles did not end there. His opponents came out with a statement of the owner   of the well that the water in his well was not salty. Mr. Kumar maintained that all the wells in the locality had the problem of salt water intrusion.  He also posted a fresh video on Tuesday showing that water in several wells in the locality was yellowish and salty.