Prime Minister unleashes scathing attack on Pakistan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing rally in Kozhikode on Saturday

Kozhikode: Prime Minister unleashed a scathing attack on Pakistan while addressing a public rally here on Saturday and said that India would not forget the Uri attack.

The Prime Minister noted that there was only one nation in Asia which was exporting terror while every other country was working towards making 21st century Asia’s century. Wherever terrorism is happening in Asia, the affected nations were blaming only one country.

Mr. Modi said that India would not genuflect before terrorism.  It had already isolated Pakistan globally. It would not spare any efforts to expose the country further.

He said that the he had nothing to say to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who was speaking the language of terrorists. Let the people of Pakistan ask why India was exporting software while Pakistan was exporting terror.

He called upon the people of Pakistan to come forward to fight a war on who defeats poverty, illiteracy, infant mortality and maternal deaths  first.

He said that the leaders of Pakistan were hoodwinking the people of that country by talking about Kashmir when they had failed to rule Bangladesh (East Pakistan), Baluchistan and even occupied Kashmir properly. A day would come when people of Pakistan will go against its own government.

The Prime Minister said that terrorists from Pakistan had intruded into India 17 times in recent months. “We repelled them, and  110 terrorists were killed.”

He recalled 18 soldiers had sacrificed their life in Uri. “The nation will not forget that.”

Mr. Modi said that the Central government would be focussing on empowerment of various sections of the society and upliftment of the poor.  India now has the fastest developing economy in the world.

He said that Kerala had the strength to become the number one State in the country. “The Centre and BJP would be ready to provide all kinds of support.”

Referring to the killing of party workers in the State, Mr. Modi said that their sacrifice and handwork would never be in vain. It would bring about change in Kerala.

The general council meeting of the party is being held in Kozhikode to coincide with the birth centenary of Deendayal Upadhyaya.  Mahatma Gandhi, Deendayal Upadhyaya and Ram Manohar Lohia were thinkers who shaped the past century in the country.

Earlier, addressing the rally, BJP president Amit Shah said that BJP would come to power in Kerala. The Modi government was trying to eliminate poverty from the country.

He said that the violence against BJP workers in the State was a disgrace to democracy. “We will not be scared. We will face it,” he added.

Union Ministers, Senior BJP leaders including L. K. Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi and State level leaders were present on the dais.