Assembly: tumultuous Budget session ahead

Kerala Assembly buildingCurtains go up for the Budget session of the Assembly on Friday with the ruling and Opposition fronts poised for the final battle of wits. Both sides have high stakes as the general election is round the corner. This will be the last session of the House before the elections.

Farming and farmers in distress

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Government the other day renamed the Department of Agriculture as the Department of Agriculture Development and Farmers Welfare. This was in tune with the Union Government renaming Ministry of Agriculture into Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.

New Crop Insurance Policy needs improvements: CSE

Moong cropThe new crop insurance policy, announced by the Centre, takes the right direction, but needs further improvements, says the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi.

It recommends reforms to make it universal, inclusive and more effective. Insurance unit, it notes, is still not at individual farmer level but at the administrative level such as tehsil, village, etc. which is a major problem in compensating losses of the individual farmers

Securitry failures at Pathankot in focus with Antony too raising criticism

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Security failures during the terrorist attack at air base at Pathankot are attracting increased attention with former Defence Minister A. K. Antony too alleging neglect of security and preparedness.

The ‘historic’ Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Paris AccordParis agreement on Climate Change is robbing the carbon space of the poor so that the rich can continue with their lifestyle.

Fortunately, the Paris Agreement is the beginning of the negotiations and not the end. Many important components of the Paris agreement –review and ratcheting of INDCs, how finance will delivered and reported etc. -- is still to be negotiated.


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