Assembly observes diamond jubilee of Kerala Formation

Kerala Assembly special sitting on November 1, 2016

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Assembly observed the 60th anniversary of Kerala Formation with a special sitting on Tuesday, 1st of November 2016.

Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan said in felicitation speech that wider concord that dimmed differences led to the formation of Kerala.

True to that, those spoke from the ruling Front and the Opposition agreed on observations of the other side. However, BJP member O. Rajagopal disagreed that his party was fostering communalism.

The Chief Minister said that the independence helped to overthrow rule of chieftains in the political sphere, landlordism in economic sphere and casteism in social sphere which enjoyed the protection of imperialists. Kerala rejected princely rule and imperialism.

Mr. Vijayan regretted that Malayalam was yet to become the official language in the real sense. The State could be the only place where you could earn a degree without learning the mother tongue.

Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala said that Kerala has to fight against anti-national activities, communalism and challenges to plurality. It still has miles to go before corruption free and transparent administration is established.  “Achievement of good governance is the most important mission before Keralites.” A new Kerala model has to be developed, shedding old ideologies.

Farce of keeping media away from courts should be ended: V. S. Achuthanadan

Former Chief Minster V. S. Achuthanandan said that Kerala was facing the strange situation of media being banned from the courts on the occasion of diamond jubilee of the State’s formation.

The State had a long history of freedom of the Press. However, now those responsible for maintaining the rule of law and administering justice were keeping the media away. History would record this as a great shame for the State.

Mr. Achuthanandan said that the Chief Justice of Kerala and others should come forward to end the farce.

He said that the some forces were trying to pull Kerala backwards by promoting communalism and casteism. The controversy over Minister K. T. Jaleel’s visit to Sabarimala was proof of that.

He noted Kerala could no more be proud of its water resources. It had to depend on other States for rice.

He recalled that the House had passed 1594 legislation over the past 60 years including land mark legislation in areas such as education, health and environment. He suggested that a House committee should prepare a monologue on the impact of such legislation.

Speaker P. Sreeramakrishan said that the first ministry in the State brought legislation that changed the face of Kerala. The State was retaining pro-people politics with a progressive direction.

He lamented that the legislation was getting lesser importance in the House. This should be taken as a weakness. The legislators should deliberate on legislation for protection of side-lined sections of the society.

Mr. Rajagopal (BJP) said that none was promoting communal conflict in the State. Kerala was witnessing political violence, not communal violence.

Revenue Minister E. Chandrasekharan, Transport Minister A. K. Saseendran, Ports Minister Ramachandran Kadannappally, P. K. Kunhalikutty (Muslim League), C. K. Nanu (JDS), K. M. Mani (Kerala Congress-M), Anoop Jacob (KC-Jacob), K. B. Ganesh Kumar (KC-B), V. S. Achuthandan (CPI-M)and Oommen Chandy (Congress) also made felicitation speeches.