Cabinet approves annual plan of Rs. 30543 crore

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Cabinet approved the Annual Plan with total outlay of Rs. 30543.17 crore for 2016-17 on Wednesday.

Of this, Rs. 24000 crore is State plan and Rs. 6534.17 crore is outlay for centrally sponsored projects.

The Plan has been approved by the State Planning Board on Monday and submitted for the Cabinet’s approval.

Of the allocation of Rs. 24000 crore, Rs. 5500 will be devolved to local self governments including additional Plan assistance of Rs. 500 crore. This comes to about 24.43 per cent of the outlay (excluding outlay for State Electricity Board).

The allocation for special component plan is Rs. 2345.40 crore, of which, Rs. 1315.50 crore is for Scheduled Castes Development. Rs. 1038.90 is allocation to local self governments.

The special component plan comes to 9.81 per cent of the total outlay which is higher than the percentage of population of Scheduled Castes (9.10% as per Census 2011).

Rs. 532. 80 crore is earmarked for the Tribal Sub Plan which constitutes 2.22 per cent of the outlay. There is also an additional funding of Rs. 150 crore for the Sub Plan as in the previous years, taking the total to 2.85 per cent of the outlay.

Rs. 2536.07 crore (10.57 per cent) of the Plan has been earmarked for major infrastructure projects such as Vizhinjam Port, Kochi Metro and various transportation projects and industrial parks.