Government extends dates for tax payments

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan announced here on Sunday that government was granting time till November 30 for remittance of tax and other dues to the government.

The Chief Minister said that the time would be given till the end of month for remittance of various fees, utility bills, building tax and other payments due this month.  Vehicle tax payable by autorikshaws and taxis could be paid without fine till the end of this month.

However, these exemptions would not apply to VAT, excise and repayment of loans.

Mr. Vijayan, who was speaking to media on his way to Delhi, said that he would be meeting Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to apprise him of difficulties caused by demonetisation and seek solutions.

He said that demonetisation was not effected to check black money. Those in possession of black money had advance knowledge of the Centre’s move. There were also reports that withdrawal of Rs. 500 note was forced by the RBI releasing notes without security thread by mistake.

 He said that it was the poor who had been hit, but the Centre had no concern for them.  People were even forced to ransack ration shop for want of cash.

He demanded that permission should be given for use of demonetised notes till the end of the year. Sufficient notes should be made available at ATMs.

Heavy rush:
Heavy rush continued at banks and ATMs for exchange of money and withdrawal of funds. However, most of the ATMs did not function for want of cash.