UDF decides to keep agreements with KC (M) in local bodies

Opposition Leader Ramesh ChennithalaThiruvananthapuram: The UDF will continue understandings with Kerala Congress (M) to retain power in the local self-governments.

This was decided at the meeting of the Front here on Wednesday which was the first meeting of the Front after Kerala Congress (M) quit the Front.

“We have not ousted them. We hope that the Kerala Congress (M) will reconsider its decision to quit the UDF,” Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala told the media after the meeting.

The Kerala Congress (M) leader K. M. Mani had stated that status quo would continue in local bodies. If the party wants status quo to be maintained, UDF would not oppose that, Mr. Chennithala said.

The Congress came under criticism at the meeting with Muslim League saying that the internecine quarrels in the Congress were affecting the Front. There was also criticism that the UDF set up was non-functional at lower levels.

Against this background, the meeting decided to hold district level meetings of the Front in presence of State level leaders. Besides, the Congress will hold one to one discussions with constituents to address issues.

Mr. Chennithala criticised the government for keeping Cabinet decisions secret after coming to power promising transparency. The government had failed to publish the decisions on the official Web site within 48 hours.

He demanded that the decision to close down Nanma Stores should be withdrawn.