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Inspection team reports ill treatment of elephants at Thrissur Pooram

Wound on right hip of the elephant paraded at Thrissur PooramAnimal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) filed the inspection report on this year's Thrissur Pooram festival in the Supreme Court of India on Tuesday citing ill-treatment of elephants.

The findings of the inspection done during Pooram on April 17 and 18 include the use of elephants suffering from wounds that were deliberately hidden with black material, elephants suffering from impaired vision and cracked nails, and the use of banned torture devices such as ankuses.

Chandy takes a dig at VS over his Web site

Thumbnail of VS WebsiteChief Minister Oommen Chandy on Monday made a dig at Opposition Leader V. S. Achuthanandan on using Microsoft products for his Web site ( after campaigning for free and open source software.

A check by News and Views showed that things were a little different though the Website indeed used Microsoft software.

Vigilance Bureau continues to deny information to RTI applicants

Reply from SIO on RTI request for information on vigilance enquiryKerala Vigilance and Anti-corruption Bureau continues to deny information on vigilance inquiries against ministers and All India Service Office despite the announcement by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy to the contrary.

The Chief Minister’s contention was that that it was an office circular issued by the Bureau that gave the impression that the Cabinet’s decision to exclude the Top Secret Section of the Bureau from the purview of information requests under RTI Act was aimed at protecting ministers, legislators and All India Service officers. The circular was withdrawn but information continue to be denied.

Local bodies should accept court fee stamp as RTI application fee: Commission

RTIKerala State Information Commission has ordered that local self-governments should accept court fee stamp of Rs. 10 as fee for RTI applications.

Some State Public Information Officers of local bodies had refused to accept applications affixed with court fee stamp and demanding cash payments on the ground that they were not government departments.

United Breweries: ‘land deal was not brokered by present government’

Vijay Mallya. Photo: Francis cojuanlago, Wikimeia commonsKerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy’s Office has released the chronology of actions taken by various governments over 45 years to refute allegations relating to in the allotment of land to United Breweries of Vijay Mallya in Palakkad district.

Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said on Friday that the media had raised a controversy over it by misrepresenting the chronology. The title was granted as part of proceedings that had started 45 years ago. The media was being cruel in reporting that that this was a land deal brokered by the present government towards the end of its term.


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